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The Company

At Mor-Chu, we cater to the smart, strong and independent woman whose handbag plays a large role in her life: looking stylish, being loyal and cheering on new endeavors. Finding “the bag" is often a daunting task amidst over-saturated department stores.

What we offer is a boutique experience online from the comfort of your home. Our personal shopper service is at your disposal 24/7 where you can speak with a professional that will assist in choosing your ideal bag.

Our thoughtful collection of contemporary designers strikes a balance between names you recognize and up and comers that should be on your radar. We boast a unique and elegant yet practical assortment for all fashionistas. We have an amazing relationship with our designers and we encourage you to get to know them too. Meet the people behind the brand in each designer’s story located on their page.

Shopping with Mor-Chu is as easy as see, love, click. The bag of your dreams can be yours in one click and no hassle with a single checkout page. Scooping up a covetable bag has never been easier.

A purse plays such an integral role in your life, so choosing the right one is key. We can’t wait to help you discover your next chic companion!

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