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LEIGH & LUCAWe first met Susann (the Luca of LEIGH & LUCA) at one of the top tradeshows held in NYC. We immediately fell in love with the stunning designs and spring colors of the LEIGH & LUCA scarves. Each scarf is so unique in its own way that it was such a hard task deciding which ones we will feature on MOR-CHU. The story behind the success of LEIGH & LUCA is interesting just as much as their designs are. 

For most people, subways provide transportation from point A to point B, but for Australian entrepreneur Gillian Leigh and award-winning European fashion designer Susann Luca, the subway took them much further than they could have ever imagined. What began as a simple conversation on a downtown Manhattan subway platform has evolved into a unique and stunning collection fusing the style, energy, and passion on its dynamic creators. Much more than scarves, LEIGH & LUCA pieces are highly addictive expressions of individual style that beg to be worn in a variety of ways. LEIGH & LUCA's alluring collection captures the essence of ancient spiritual cloth with modern motifs and patterns, season after season. The relevant and trend-driven designs are sensuous, edgy and modern, capturing that downtown vibe with uptown notes of luxury and style.

Creative Director Susann Luca travels the world looking for inspiration. She is inspired by the less structured garments that stem from exotic cultures such as Asia and Africa. Each piece is woven on antique wooden looms using the highest quality cashmeres, silks and cottons, and can take up to a full day to make. Embellished with innovative hand embroidery, printing, and flocking techniques, the oversized scarves are made with love in Inner Mongolia.
These must-have accessories are not only luxurious, but are unique as well, with all patterns and prints exclusive to the LEIGH & LUCA line and created as part of limited editions.

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