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It’s always important to walk the aisles of a trade show to see what or whom you will meet. At the last trade show I met Linda of MOFÉ. You can see for yourself that her handbag designs are absolutely gorgeous and flawless but what is also amazing is how light the bags are given the quality the leathers and her attention to detail.  We also immediately connected on a personal level being that she left practicing law to design handbags and I left practicing accounting to create this site, which brings my customers the best contemporary handbags by amazingly creative designers. Her story is an inspiration to anyone who wants to do what they are passionate about and her cause and support of women is profound.

Attorney turned designer, Linda Park, was influenced by her own story in creating MOFÉ and designing its bags. She saw a void in the market for fashionable yet practical "work" bags and decided to evolve her love of handbags into designs suitable for work yet fashionable for play. 

Linda fell in love with the design process and expanded her line to appeal to a variety of women. She envisions her bags to represent something of greater significance – a reminder to women that we, as a whole, have come a long way, and that we, as individuals, can achieve our own perceptions of success. Her own experience with the challenges in transitioning careers inspired this thought, and it has been the motivating force that drives her to achieve her own perception of success – following her dreams to enable her to leave a positive mark in this world.

Inspired by today’s modern feminism, MOFÉ's bags represent today’s ambitious, resilient, and smart women in a fashionable way.

The MOFÉ insignia parallels the infinity symbol, embodying the notion of no boundaries or limitations. It sits on MOFÉ bags to be a constant reminder that we can achieve anything we set our minds to, despite the hurdles we must overcome. It is a symbol intended to empower the woman who is content yet wanting more…

In keeping with their pursuit to empower women and humanity, MOFÉ pledges a portion of its proceeds from sales to CARE International, a humanitarian organization that provides textbooks in subjects such as math, science, economics and history to young girls in poverty-fighting communities across the globe.

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