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Pour La Victoire


During our first meeting at Pour La Victoire someone said “accessible luxury” and that really stuck with us. We can’t think of a better way to describe the brand’s handbags. They use gorgeous materials and striking colors; from graceful feminine pinks to classy navy blues. The silhouettes are thoughtfully constructed to meet a busy lady’s needs.

Mor-Chu loves the idea and concept of the name Pour La Victoire. Creative Director, David Giordano, has always been inspired by his Italian and French heritage, when crafting the concept for Pour La Victoire, he wanted the brand to feel feminine, empowering and cinematic. The literal translation is “for victory,” the name is meant to sound feminine but have an empowering message. Of course, purchasing our high-end product at a reasonable price is a victory in and of itself...

Established in 2007, Pour La Victoire is a New York based accessories brand dedicated to creating small victories in the form of thoughtfully designed footwear and handbags. Merging classic yet stylish design with the finest materials, the brand aims to create collections that encourage and celebrate the daily triumphs of the women who choose to wear them.

Cameron Diaz joined Pour La Victoire in 2013 as Artistic Director, bringing her unique point of view, informed by many years in and around the fashion industry. Her unique perspective and keen editorial eye enhancing the Company’s belief that true style emanates from a place of empowerment and authenticity.

The more people say “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is,” the more a woman who knows otherwise stands out from the crowd. Pour La Victoire seeks to redefine what luxury means, in the modern age, luxury doesn’t necessarily have to come with an unappealing price. Pour La Victoire creates empowerment with contradiction; it’s the reverse sticker shock of well-crafted, high-quality, French- inspired handbags....

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