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Pour le Monde

We immediately connected with Wendi and her fabulous brand, Pour le Monde. Our favorite perfume from her collection is TOGETHER, it has a beautiful elegant scent to it and it fits perfectly with Mor-Chu's social reposnsiblity

Pour le Monde, which means “For the World,” creates 100% natural perfumes that benefit and increase awareness of some of the world’s most important charities. Certified by the Natural Products Association, Pour le Monde works to sustain their programs, thereby amplifying the efforts of individuals and organizations striving to positively impact the world. 

Pour le Monde was inspired, envisioned and created by Wendi S. Berger. While pregnant with her son, Wendi tried to find pregnancy safe perfumes that smelled good and were not oily on the skin. When she couldn’t find chemical-free perfumes that smelled good, she conceived the idea of Pour le Monde, for the world, a collection of safe, natural perfumes free of man-made chemicals. 

Created by top fragrance designers using the finest pure natural ingredients available, the Pour le Monde collection has been hailed as a breakthrough in 100% natural eau de parfum creation. "We don't smell at all foodie, earthy or spa-like as one would expect from naturals. Our fragrances are beautiful, irresistible, signature and prestige and you can wear them guilt-free," explains Berger.

Inspired by her friend living with MS, each natural scent also supports a non-profit organization and is named after the spirit of their mission, granting both fragrance wearers and charity recipients a mutual benefit.

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