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She + Lo

We love the unique style of these handbags not only for its design but also for the nature in which the partnership between Sheila and Laura started. Just goes to show you how the universe works in mysterious ways, these two met at a friend’s wedding while both participating as bridesmaids. From bonding over handbags and fashion to then starting a handbag line? Sounds pretty amazing to us.

 Following the success of their first handbag ventures, Treesje and its offspring Joelle Hawkens, fashion entrepreneurs Sheila Nazarian and Laura Darrah have launched their first namesake company, She + Lo. Their California casual designs with a little bit of edge are easy to wear and even easier to style to your own style.

She + Lo made its debut in August 2014 and we are so excited to have them on MOR-CHU.

 Many of its bags are convertible, morphing to reflect personal style, such as those with a longer detachable strap that allows a classic satchel, or customers can choose from a variety of shapes of slouchy and messengers bags to more sturdy totes, clutches and wristlets.

 She + Lo introduces some new leathers and styles to the marketplace, from beveled lamb to opaque foils, and its custom-designed hardware includes matte black studs and clasps that provide a chic complement to any color. Its functionality and design, such as splits and cutout details in many of She + Lo bags has attracted celebrities such as Katy Perry, Fergie, Blake Lively, Lauren Conrad and Heidi Klum.

 She + Lo handbags can transform a classic look into something more edgy and funky.

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