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Victoria Khoss

Once you see a Victoria Khoss handbag you immediately fall in love. Her handbags are made with extreme care and perfection that translates to luxury.

Victoria Khoss was born in Vienna, Austria, the heart and historical capital of Europe, which is a place full of traditions and culture. Victoria Khoss moved to the United States to pursue her interest in fashion, design and entrepreneurship. Upon her arrival, she was quick to notice that not everyone possessed the same eye for quality and perfection. With her positive attitude and principled leadership, she is now trying to re-shape our understanding of true luxury. 

In 2012 Victoria started her own fashion and design company based out of New York City. Her mission is to create handbags that combine the elements of simplicity, individuality and premium quality. True to her core principles each piece from Victoria Khoss is hand-made in NYC using high quality fabrics. The beauty and simplicity of her clutches start by individually selecting the materials and components that make each one exceptional. And continue as each clutch or foldover bag is produced individually by hand, with no automation or assembly line involved in the process.

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