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  • Leather is a natural material and will vary in color and texture. Properly caring for your leather bag helps it live a longer, happier life. Mor-Chu strongly recommends consulting a leather care professional for specific advice and maintenance.

  • As far as general care tips, you should keep the leather surface clean and dry using a dry and soft cloth. Always store your leather accessories away from light and heat and protect them from rain and humidity. When you are not using your leather accessories, you should store them in a dust bag. You should clean and condition your accessories once a year to keep your leather happy and healthy.


    In the event your cowhide or leather handbag gets soiled, try gently dabbing the leather with a clean, lightly damp cloth. Be careful to choose products that are appropriate for the type of leather your item is crafted from and always spot test any cleaning products on an inconspicuous area (e.g., the bottom of the bag or under the flap) before treating the rest of your bag.

  • SUEDE:

    The unique texture or nap of a suede handbag requires extra care when worn during wet weather conditions. In the event your suede accessories get soiled or dirty, try gently dabbing the suede with a clean, dry cloth. Allow any damp spots to dry naturally and then use a suede brush to gently lift the nap and remove dirt from the surface.

  • Remember, leather is a beautiful and ancient material. Signs of wear and changes in leather color are typical with daily use. Variations in the color and grain of the leather are normal and a unique characteristic of each bag, making it more attractive. Due to the natural tanning process of many leathers, brighter colors may transfer in humid or wet conditions. With proper care and cleaning, your accessories will maintain their beauty and durability for a long, long time!

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